Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva’s Foundation saves lives of children with congenital heart conditions

Film by Sylvie Boulloud provides a moving introduction to the work Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva’s You Are Not Alone Foundation does to save the lives of Uzbek children born with serious heart defects. Through the documentary we meet French cardiac surgeons who work alongside local specialists and their young patients, children from some of Uzbekistan’s poorest families. A truly heart-warming story.
Since 2015, with the backing of the You Are Not Alone Foundation, French cardiac surgeons have carried out over 130 operations on children with complex congenital heart conditions, all of whom come from Uzbekistan’s low-income families and orphanages.

Sofia treatment course

Sofia has been visiting the Center for Social Adaptation for the third year. When she turned one year old, her mother brought her to our specialists – the girl did not stand on her feet due to a birth injury.
Specialists included the therapeutic pool, exercise therapy, massage and classes on the therapeutic simulator in Sofia’s treatment course, which aims to restore walking skills in children with motor disabilities. Regular classes yielded results.
Now the baby is four years old, she is already taking independent steps, it remains only to learn how to keep her balance.

The Republican Center for Social Adaptation of Children (RCSAD) was founded by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2004 to assist children with disabilities in the field of diagnosis, orthopedic and neurological treatment.
Supervised by the You Are Not Alone Foundation, the RCSD helps children with diagnoses such as Down syndrome, autism, as well as motor disabilities. Highly qualified specialists work with children, developing an individual development program for each child.

Three Uzbek children with complex congenital heart disease underwent successful surgery in France

Three Uzbek children with complex congenital heart disease underwent successful surgery in France last month with the financial support of Timur Tillyaev and Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva’s foundation ‘You Are Not Alone’.

Surgeons from the Pediatric Clinic of Nantes operated on four-year-old Sevinch Umaraliyeva, ten-year-old

Komilakhon Sultankhanova from eastern Namangan region, and ten-year-old Alibek Abdullayev from the town of Urgench in Khorezm, with each operation lasting around 8-10 hours.

Alibek, who suffers from a very complex heart condition, was here for a second time, his first operation having taken place at the same hospital in March 2017 with the support of our charity.

During their treatment in France, the children were accompanied by their mothers and grandmother, as the presence, support and care of loved ones is very important for them during such a traumatic and challenging event. To facilitate the parents’ communication with French health workers, we also provided them with a translator so that medical experts could keep parents constantly updated on their child’s progress.

Following their surgery, the children receive post-operative treatment in the French hospital for four to six weeks. Due to the complexity of their condition, the children were kept under medical supervision by the Foundation’s health worker during the Tashkent-Paris flight.

Since 2015, with the financial backing of the You Are Not Alone foundation, leading French doctors have performed around 100 complex heart operations on children from mercy homes (orphanages) and low-income Uzbek families, 16 of which were in France.



RU: В результате осложнений после операций на позвоночник Мухаммаджон потерял способность ходить в двухлетнем возрасте. Для того чтобы вновь встать на ноги и восстановить двигательные функции, мальчик начал проходить курс реабилитации в Центре социальной адаптации детей – благотворительной организации, работа которой курируется Фондом “Sen Yolg’iz Emassan” (“Ты не одинок”).Здесь Мухаммаджон занимается лечебной физкультурой, получает оздоровительный массаж, плавает в бассейне, посещает занятия песочной терапии. Благодаря данному курсу ребенок стал подвижным, сидит крепко держа спину, встаёт на колени. Он по сей день посещает наш Центр, и мы верим что у него все получится!Центр социальной адаптации детей был основан Лолой Каримовой-Тилляевой в 2004 году для оказания помощи детям с ограниченными возможностями в сфере диагностики, ортопедического и неврологического лечения.Здесь получают помощь дети с такими диагнозами, как синдром Дауна, ДЦП, аутизм, ЗПР, а также с нарушениями двигательных функций. С детьми работают высококвалифицированные специалисты, разрабатывая для каждого ребенка индивидуальную программу развития. Все услуги в Центре предоставляются на безвозмездной основе.UZ: Умуртқа жаррохликдан кейинги асоратлар натижасида Муҳаммаджон икки ёшлигида юриш қобилиятидан маҳрум бўлди. Қайтта оёққа туриш учун болакай фаолияти "Sen Yolg'iz Emassan" Фонди томонидан мувофиқлаштириладиган Болалар ижтимоий мослашуви марказида реабилитация курсига қатнай бошлади.Бу ерда Муҳаммаджон даволаш физкультураси билан шуғулланади, соғайтирув массажига қатнайди, терапевтик бассейнда муолажа олади ва қум терапия машғулотларига боради. Ушбу реабилитация курси туфайли болажон ҳаракатчан бўлиб қолди, белини маҳкам ушлаб ўтиради ва тиззасига туради.Республика болалар ижтимоий мослашуви маркази Лола Каримова-Тилляева томонидан 2004 йилда имконияти чекланган болаларга диагностика, ортопедик ва неврологик даволаш бўйича ёрдам кўрсатиш мақсадида ташкил этилган.Марказда церебрал фалаж, Даун синдроми, аутизм, руҳий ривожланиши сустлашган каби ташҳисларга эга ва таянч ҳаракат тизими касалликлари билан хасталанган болаларга кўмак берилади. Бу ерда тиббиёт мутахассислари, педагоглар ва реабилитологлар ҳар бир бола учун ишлаб чиқилган индивидуал ривожланиш дастури асосида иш юритадилар. Марказдаги барча хизматлар бепул кўрсатилади.EN: As a result of operations performed on Muhammadjon’s spine, the child’s legs were paralyzed, and at the age of two he lost ability to walk.Muhammadjon began to attend therapy sessions at the Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children – a charity under the aegis of the Sen Yolg’iz Emassan (“You Are Not Alone”) Foundation. The Centre provides comprehensive support and treatment to children with disabilities free of charge.As a result of the therapy received at the centre Muhammadjon learned to get up on his knees by himself and actively move his legs. There’s also significant mental improvement, he’s begun saying words. The National Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children (NCSAC) was founded in 2004 by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva to provide comprehensive care for children with special needs, offering diagnoses and orthopedic and neurological treatments.It treats children suffering from Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and delayed development as well as physical disabilities. Highly qualified specialists work with the children, creating an individual development program for each child. All the Centre’s services are offered free of charge.

Geplaatst door Sen Yolg'iz Emassan – You are not alone foundation op Vrijdag 22 maart 2019

Muhammadjon was undergoing clinical treatment for a long time, but it did not provide the wanted outcomes. Consequently, back surgical treatment was executed, and also the kid’s legs had been disabled prior to. At the age of a couple of years he could not walk in any way.
Soon, the youngster began to attend therapeutic classes at the Center for Social Adaptation of Children, got comprehensive assistance, and also his condition improved significantly. Note that aid to kids with disabilities in this organization is totally cost free.
As an outcome of the therapy, there is no question regarding it, given that soon the youngster had the ability to find out to kneel and move his legs. It is difficult not to determine a considerable enhancement in the subconscious, the youngster ultimately started to totally pronounce words.
NCSAD was opened in 2004 as well as still exists. Its creators seek excellent objectives, offer help to kids in demand with impairments. It supplies an excellent diagnosis, in addition to orthopedic as well as neurological therapy.
Below, kids that experience down disorder have cerebral palsy, autism, developmental problems or physical disabilities can undertake treatment. Qualified specialists work with issue kids, creating individual programs for each kid. All services of this facility are given for free.


Gulyuzbonu Ruziboyeva was awarded the Karimov Foundation’s two-year scholarship

Following her graduation from the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Gulyuzbonu Ruziboyeva was awarded the Karimov Foundation’s two-year scholarship, enabling her to pursue her master’s degree at the University of Anhalt in Germany.
From her early childhood, Gulyuzbonu liked to observe the construction of houses and their layout, and dreamt of becoming an interior designer. Thanks to her talent, diligence and hard work, she received a bachelor’s degree with honours in Tashkent, and the Karimov Foundation’s scholarship programme has provided her with an exceptional opportunity to pursue her postgraduate education at one of the best universities in Europe.
“I hope that after my graduation I will be able to apply my experience and knowledge in Uzbekistan. I will be very happy to contribute to the development of town planning and architecture in my native country,” said Gulyuzbonu.
Over the past two years, the Karimov Foundation has awarded scholarships to 22 young people from Uzbekistan, who are now studying for their master’s degree at some of the leading universities in Germany, Italy, Poland and Russia.